VIP Membership | Only $599/per yr

VIP Membership | Only $599/per yr

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Enroll in our individual 12-month VIP MEMBERSHIP for only $599.00! Additional perks include:

Drop off as early as 5AM EST


Monday - Saturday: 5AM - 9PM EST

Sundays: 5AM - 9PM EST

• VIP Pre-Accepted Reservations

• 3 Day Cancellation Policy for Overnight Boarding

• 30 Day Doggy Daycare reschedule option

• After Hours Fee - $10

• 50% OFF Rescheduling Fee

5 FREE Meal Coverage Plan

• Two (2) Dog Spa Baths + Doggy Deep Tissue Massage Therapy (Savings of $100) 

• $50 Welcome Gift Card to PetSmart™

• End of membership gift for Pup (valued at $25 or more)

• End of membership gift for PetParent (valued at $25 or more)

$5 OFF per Agility Training Session and Outdoor Walks

$5 OFF Pick up & Drop off Service 🚙

10% OFF Long-Term Boarding

15% OFF Store Apparel every time you shop!

1 FREE Doggy Daycare every month, pending availability.

**VIP MEMBERSHIP covers 1 (one) dog. 2nd and 3rd dog, 50% membership cost per dog, with full membership usage. Under same household and owner**