Service Policy


Finalize your personal plans before booking.

To Book, is To Pay

All payments are made upfront before the service has started. Funds are on hold until the service is completed.


Payment Options

These are the current ways to pay and book a reservation with PupPaws. The pricing on all platforms are the same plus tax.


Click here


2. We accept ZELLE -


Your booking is pending and will be ACCEPTED, DENIED, or CANCELED. If your booking is denied or canceled on PupPaws behalf, you will be fully refunded.

Please book 24 Hours in advance to be accepted with no delay.

Reservations made are reviewed and accepted between these administrative hours with an in-app confirmation.




subject to change.

As a Small Business, we thank you for your patience.


Cancellation Policy

PupPaws Animal Care Service has a strict cancellation policy for Doggy Daycare and Overnight Boarding


• For a Doggy Daycare cancellation on your behalf prior to ACCEPTANCE is available for a full SERVICE CREDIT refund good for future bookings. AFTER ACCEPTANCE, there is no refund.


• For Overnight Boarding, ONCE ACCEPTED, a cancellation on your behalf, a full refund is available if canceled by 12:00PM EST one week (7 days) before the service start date.

• For Overnight Boarding, ONCE ACCEPTED, if canceled on your behalf later than 12:00PM one week (7 days or less) before the service start date, a 50% refund is available for the first 7 canceled calendar days from the cancellation request date as STORE SERVICE CREDIT. A 100% refund is available for any additional days as STORE SERVICE CREDIT. Store Service Credit can be used at any time and never expires.

Store service credit prevents fraud and our payment processing service from being flagged or frozen.


• For Overnight Boarding, ONCE ACCEPTED, (less than one week, 7 days) any untimely complete schedule changes, that which includes moving the start date, will result in a $45.00 non-refundable Rescheduling Fee. Any NO SHOWS forfeits the entire booking. You can revive a NO SHOW, by submitting a Rescheduling Fee within 7 days of the service start date.


Scheduling a Meet & Greet

Meet & Greets are optional. A meet & greet takes place outside in the front. In order to schedule a meet & greet you must submit a non-refundable meet & greet fee. The meet & greet fee does NOT go towards the booking reservation.

Meet & Greet Fee: $35

Scheduling a Walk-Through Tour

Walk-Through tours are optional. A walk through tour takes place inside. In order to schedule a walk-through you must submit a non-refundable walk through fee. The walk through fee does NOT go towards the booking reservation.

Walk Through Fee: $100

Why are there fees? Billable time is used for these appointments.

Why is the Walk-Through $100? Billable time, Schedule adjustments, Insurance and Liability. We do NOT have a customer safe zone facility. You are NOT an employee or independent contractor approved and covered by PUPPAWS LLC.



*subject to change

Regular Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday 7AM EST - 8PM EST

Sundays 2PM EST - 8PM EST

Please select 1 hr drop-off and pick-ups windows between these times.

Rate Time Coverage is based on 24-hour DAY stays. Rate Time Coverage automatically applies to booked dog services that go over a 24-hour time window. This ensures that PUPPAWS LLC is compensated for the additional time that your animal is in PUPPAWS LLC care.

If the time window is more than 2 hour or up to 8 additional hours, clients will pay an additional 50% of the base rate.

If the time window is more than 8 additional hours, clients will pay an additional 100% of the base rate.

We do not waive or remove Rate Time Coverage

Plan your travel arrangements accordingly. PUPPAWS LLC Animal Care Service is not responsible for any issues involving late pick ups/drop offs


NO drop off/pick ups ON the following busy Holidays:

Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Indigenous People's Day
New Years EVE



ANY and ALL pick ups and/or drop offs that are NOT during listed Business Hours are subject to an After Hours Fee. Non-refundable. The After Hours Fee DOES NOT got towards any booking reservations.

After Hours Fee $20

⏰ No longer until midnight.

6:00 AM - 6:59 AM EST

8:01 PM - 9:00 PM EST

PupPaws Animal Care Service is not responsible for any issues involving late pick ups/drop offs. PupPaws Animal Care Service is not responsible for canceled travel plans.

At 9:01 PM EST book an additional Overnight Stay.


Service Care Policy

PupPaws™ Animal Care Service is NOT LIABLE for any incident between animal and animal. Please be aware that dog to dog and cat to cat altercations or rough play may occur. Safety protocols, processes and procedures are in place to reduce any possible severity incident. Pet Owners are responsible for all medical costs.

PupPaws™ Animal Care Service is NOT LIABLE for any dog or cat injury, illness, or sudden death during their stay or transport.

PupPaws™ Animal Care Service is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost, or damaged items.

Please train up your dogs. Pet Owners are responsible for the behavior of their animal and any medical costs associated. All PupPaws Animal Care Technicians and Staff reserve the right to fully defend themselves against a dog attack, that which can result in injury or death. Any untrained, aggressive, erratic, reactive, and/or excessively disruptive dog(s) may be subject to a training collar, mesh bark guard, or muzzle during their stay for the safety, security, and overall wellness of the premises and those caring for the animals.

Failure to pick up your animal. Pet Owners who arrange for pet care services and fail to retrieve or pay for their animal within seven (7) days after the end date of their reservation (or the period set forth in the application jurisdiction's animal abandonment or cruelty laws, if earlier) agree that PupPaws may, in its sole discretion, place such animal in foster care and/or notify animal control authorities. Pet Owner will reimburse PupPaws for all costs and expenses associated with such action, and Pet Owner may become liable and subject to laws relating to Pet Owner's failure to retrieve Pet Owner's animal, including abandonment or animal cruelty laws.


Bring your animals food. Due to individual dietary needs, please provide your pets food. Please provide more than enough for the duration of the booked stay, taking into consideration the possibility of an extended stay due to modified travel plans. Food Coverage fee per meal is $5.00

Pet Owners are responsible for all medical costs. Any hospital visits or doctor's appointment during a stay is subject to a $75 veterinary transportation fee, per visit (up to 3 hours of vet/medical appointment time). $50/per hour thereafter

Dog Spa Grooming sessions are final once the service has started. There are no grooming refunds.

Please do not book for the purposes of mating. We deter mating during any stay, or animal interaction. In the case of a successful mating incident, each owner is provided contact information. PUPPAWS LLC is not responsible nor involved in any incident involving mating and thereafter. Owners are responsible for the spay or neutering of their animal. Owners are responsible for all medical costs associated.


VIP Membership

VIP MEMBERSHIP services are for the account holders only. VIP Membership services are for listed account holders pet(s) only. The membership can not be shared with non-account holders and/or other non-listed pets. Do not disclose your Membership details and codes with non-account holders. Prohibited use of a VIP Membership is in violation and may result in a canceled non-refundable membership.


PUPPAWS LLC is a private business. PUPPAWS LLC reserves the right to refuse service. Customers who arrive before, or refuse to leave after business hours will not be serviced. Any threats, rowdy, or disruptive behavior creating an unsafe or hostile environment, either written or in action, towards another human, customer, contractor, employee, or animal, will be denied service.



PUPPAWS LLC owns all intellectual property of photos, images, and/or video taken during any and all bookings, and/or animals in our care. PUPPAWS LLC owns all copyrights to any video, photography, imagery captured during the stay of any animal booked and/or in our care with PUPPAWS LLC. PUPPAWS LLC reserves the right to use any video and photography at will.