Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

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🐾  Cat Boarding - $25 /DAY

We have cat hotels for privacy and a cat cabin if your cat is social & playful. Cat hotels are 2 part housing (bedding, food, and water in one compartment, and an individual litter box just for them on the other side) for a comfortable stay. We also have a Cat Wheel for any cat to get exercising

🐾  5 Nights or More, Holiday Rate $30 /DAY

Drop-off/Pick-up hours begin at 7AM EST, Monday through Saturday

Drop-off/Pick-up hours begin at 2PM EST on Sundays

Drop-off/Pick-up by 8PM EST

After Hours Fee: $20

Things to Bring:

• Food (due to individual dietary needs, please provide your cat food)

• In a travel carrier (intake safety)

• Cat treats

• Toys (optional)

We have bowls. We have kitty litter.


** Cat Boarding pick-ups and drop-offs during non-business hours will accrue an After Hours Fee of $15.

***After 11:59 PM EST, overnight base rate of $38/Night will accrue