Temperament Tests

Temperament Rating Chart


Responsive, Adaptable, Bonds well to humans, playful, Great indoor and outdoor behavior


Follows commands well, Sleeps through the night, Great indoor behavior, Good outdoor behavior


Follows commands most of the time, Separation anxiety, Does well overtime


Indoor barking, Nervous, Timid, Shy, Fearful, Mouthy, Food aggression


Does not follow commands, Excessive indoor barking, Nips/Attempts to bite other dogs, Pulls on leash, Knocks food/water bowls over, Runs away, Unpredictable behavior. Not ready to socialize


Does not listen, Independent, Jumps up, Bark furiously, Barks excessively indoors and outdoors, Stubborn, Mouthy, Not responsive to training. Not ready to socialize


Aggressive, Dominant, Unpredictable, Jumps up roughly, Lunges at everything, Unsafe, Destructive, Growls. Not ready to socialize. Needs professional animal behaviorist

Any rating on the chart does not mean you have a perfect dog or a bad dog. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a dog that needs to be trained up. Sometimes a dog may need extensive training and we can guide you in the right direction

Dogs, like people, are products of their genetic makeup and their environment. Your dog’s temperament describes how s/he responds to people and other aspects of his/her environment, including noises and other animals. Their responses are largely instinctual, but can also be influenced by his/her environment.  Temperament testing is a way to evaluate your dog’s temperament, which can help you better understand your dog overall and what they need.

Dogs Temperament tests are in place to protect your dog, everyone caring for your dog, other dogs in our care.